Companda for Sales

Go from “hello” to “deal closed” faster than ever.

Companda knows your best prospects and your most irresistible value propositions.
  • Better traffic intelligence

Aim Your Outreach Right

Sales outreach is often a hit-and-miss game. But Companda can help you increase your hit rate dramatically by showing you which companies are currently browsing your website.

No more cold emails! You’ll be able to connect with the businesses that are already researching you.

  • Instant lead scoring

Immediately Spot Your High-Value Leads

Companda is like a special filter system that lets you separate your best leads from the rest.

For example, imagine you’re selling cleaning services and you know your ideal customer is a legal services firm with an office larger than 200m2. Connect Companda to your tech stack and you will be able to identify all leads that meet your criteria.

  • On-demand record cleaning

Auto-Update Your Contacts

Say goodbye to manual research and data entry. Companda can append rich company data to each email you collect, on any platform you want, and keep it fresh for you.

Instead of scouring the web, you’ll be able to focus on selling.

  • Advanced Lead routing

Set Your Reps Up For Success

Let’s suppose you’ve just acquired a new lead which is a French tech company. Companda immediately sends complete company details to your CRM.

Your workflow determines that there is a French-speaking rep with relevant IT experience on your team. Presto! New lead assigned to the right person in seconds.

Where You Need It, When You Need It.

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Lead intelligence

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