Companda = Your Data Companion

If you’ve ever tried researching a company online, you know how it goes. You have to scrape the Internet to find all relevant information. From Chamber of Commerce records to financial statements, building a complete company profile can take you hours or even days.

An alternative solution would be to sign up for a company data provider (or several). Unfortunately, this makes your search only a tad faster. As you probably know from painful experience, you always have to double check this data. More often than not, it is outdated, stale or plain incorrect.

For example, when you try to research the small subsidiary of an international brand, you’ll usually get data about the multibillion behemoth but not about the local branch. And this can make all the difference.

Something Had To Change...

…We built Companda because we saw the need for a better, faster and more intelligent solution.

We do buy some of our company data but only from trusted providers


We scan the Internet every day to expand and verify our datasets


We have an extensive network of servers to provide real-time access to our data


To ensure accuracy, we triple-check each data point thanks to our AI-powered algorithm and our in-house data team

Meet the team

We’re a team of thinkers, challengers and brave explorers who live and breathe data. We play by the rules but we’re also eager to experiment, learn and grow.

Fabio Zanoni

Full stack developer

Michiel Postma


Jim Grootenboer

Data validation

Alex Vermeule

Founder & CEO

Martijn Mulder

Pre-sales Consultant

Desmond van der Winden

DevOps Engineer