Data is in our DNA

That’s why we put our hearts into making Companda the most complete and accurate source of company data on the web.
  • Data from trusted partners such as the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.
  • We scan the Internet every day to expand and update datasets.
  • Designed to be secure from the bottom up.
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Our data promise

If we don’t have the data you need, we will find it!
Privacy Always Comes First

Maybe it’s a Dutch thing but we believe that respect for personal privacy is crucial, especially in business. That’s why we will never store your company data or reveal any personal details about your website visitors, leads and customers. We constantly update our infrastructure and algorithms to ensure that we comply with all current privacy regulations such as GDPR.

Why our data is extremely reliable

Deep insights

We untangle the complex relationships between companies to deliver accurate intelligence.

Real time delivery

We match companies to data points in advance to ensure we’re blazing fast.

Historic records

We keep historic records in case you want to examine the development of a company.

Verified by humans

Our in-house specialists check and clean all incoming data.

Available In Your Favorite Tools

Whenever you need to turn traffic data into complete company profiles.
  • Website analytics
  • Marketing automation
  • CRM
  • CDP
  • Advertising tools
  • Personalization software

Data attributes in the data foundation

  • Chamber of commerce number
  • Subsidiary number + hiearchy data
  • Company name
  • Trade names
  • Company description
  • Employee count
  • Primary activity description
  • Company registration date
  • Legal form codes
  • Legal form desc
  • Industry
  • Company sectors
  • Social links
  • Activity codes
  • Domain names
  • Location information
  • Zipcode
  • Country name
  • Country code
  • Province
  • City name
  • Street name
  • Street number
  • Contact info
  • Company Phone numbers
  • Company email addresses
  • and more …

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