Companda for Developers

Take Control Of Your Customer Data

Companda helps you easily integrate rich and reliable customer data in all of your solutions.

What can you do with Companda?

Three popular workflows
  • Simplify customer data

Centralize Your Customer Data

Companda enables you to take rich customer data into your own environment and have full control over it. With our API, you can…

Simplify the streaming of customer data within your tech stack as well as across web and native apps.

Enable faster resolution of user identities across devices and channels into comprehensive customer profiles.

Track customers across your infrastructure and identify users at both the known and anonymous level.

  • Faster, better, stronger

Save Hours Of Development Time

Companda removes the need to spend development time integrating disparate customer data sources into your ecosystem. Instead, you can…

Easily integrate customer data in your own solution or in third party code.

Route rich customer data to a number of destinations without having to redesign everything.

Have a standard, well-documented API that lets developers focus on building features.

  • Sync everywhere

Sync Customer Data Across Teams

Break down data silos so each team has access to the same standardized customer data set.

Scale your data infrastructure fast and enable each team to use customer data in the way they need to achieve their desired KPIs.

Deliver rich customer experiences throughout the customer lifecycle.

Where You Need It, When You Need It.

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Traffic intelligence

Identify the companies that visit your website in real time.


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Lead intelligence

Append company data to each e-mail address you collect.

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