Companda for Marketers

Let’s explore what’s possible with external data in B2B marketing

  • Personalize customer experiences

Real-time Personalization

Connect Companda to tools such as Google Optimize or Optimizely and you will unlock real-time website personalization.

Change headlines based on company location, swap testimonials based on industry or even show different CTAs to visitors.

  • Improve marketing performance

Know If You Are Reaching Your Target Audience

Add Companda to your web analytics solution and see which companies are visiting your website right now.

Build reports based on company attributes such as industry and learn how your site is interacting with your target audiences.

  • Improve lead generation

Generate Leads Based On Anonymous Website Traffic

Would you like to reach out to the right prospects at the right time? Companda identifies business visitors on your website, turning them into rich company profiles.

See exactly how often they visit and what actions they take - even if they haven't identified themselves. Set up filters for your specific target accounts to drive sales conversations and ensure you reach out at exactly the right time.

  • Improve marketing performance

Improve Ad Performance and Reduce Ad Spend

With Companda data you create smart remarketing audiences so you can use your advertising budget more effectively.

Segment your ads based on company attributes and neglect non-fitting profiles to lower your Cost Per Lead.

  • Improve lead generation

Build Smart Forms to Get More Leads

Ah, the curse of long forms and poor conversions… Companda is here to help you learn all about your leads without asking too many questions.

Connect our API to your forms and reduce fields to just one—email. We’ll fill the blanks. Or, if you want to keep your forms intact, we’ll pre-fill all company data on the spot.
Change headlines based on company location, swap testimonials based on industry or even show different CTAs to visitors.

  • Personalize customer experiences

Stay Consistent Across Channels

Companda can power your entire tech stack and enable you to align your messaging throughout the customer journey.

For example, you can use our data to send specific chatbot messages to specific visitor segments. Then, you can switch to your ad tool and show related ads to these same segments.

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