Discover what B2B marketers like you can do with external data

Know if you are reaching your target audience

Personalize your website based on company, industry, size and more

Optimize your remarketing ad spend

Generate leads based on anonymous website traffic

Apply smart personalization in email marketing

Create memorable customer experiences

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Improve Marketing Performance

Improve ad spend, gain new insights with advanced segmentation and know if you are reaching the right audiences.

Improve Lead Generation

Identify website visitors in real-time and turn them into rich company profiles. Boost conversions with smarter forms.

Personalize Customer Experiences

Create memorable customer experiences with personalized sites, shops, email and chat using our data.

Companda for Marketers

Learn what’s possible with external data in B2B.
  • Retarget smarter

    Segment your retargeting audiences and optimize your budget

  • De-anonymise web traffic at scale

    See which companies are visiting your website in real time

  • Get your messaging right

    Consistently personalize content throughout the buyer journey

Companda for Marketers

Companda for Sales

Go from “hello” to “deal closed” faster than ever.
  • Auto-update your contacts

    Enrich your CRM records with fresh, verified company data

  • Qualify on the fly

    Identify your high-value leads the moment they opt-in

  • Master lead routing

    Segment new leads and send them immediately to the right sales rep

Companda for Sales

The data partner you can trust

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  • Fresh, accurate company data
  • Fully GDPR compliant solution
  • Available 24/7 through the API

Where You Need It, When You Need It.

Plug Companda into your tools and you’ll immediately get real-time company intelligence.

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Delight your customers throughout their lifecycle


Traffic intelligence

Identify the companies that visit your website in real time.


Enrich API

Lead intelligence

Append company data to each e-mail address you collect.

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